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  1. Second Trip to Albion Falls

    Date 03 Sep 2016
    Since searching Flickr four years ago for inspiration to clear a winter photographic creative block, and stumbling upon Albion Falls, I have longed to capture its beauty and power.   In early September, I headed back to photograph the falls.   An early morning barely post-sunrise shoot posed challenging as…

  2. Summer Swimwear with Alex & Taylor

    Date 23 Jul 2016
    We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these lovely sisters again!    Alexandra, Taylor and their mom met us at Scarborough Bluffs Beach ready to shoot in beautiful new TriangL swimwear the girls had just purchased online.  Our goal was to have a fun beach…

  3. What’s a photographer to do after the rain?

    Date 28 Jun 2016
    On an late June morning, I woke up to a strong rainfall.  By 9am the rain had cleared and sun started to shine down on my backyard.  I noticed a few plants in the flowerbed had large water droplets resting on the leafs.  So obviously I ran inside the house…

  4. Spring Portrait Session with Alex and Taylor

    Date 26 Jun 2016
    They’re finally ready for posting!   It took nearly a year in the making to get this shoot off the ground; however, it was so worth the wait.  Alexandra and Taylor are absolutely beautiful young women and totally photogenic.   We spent the morning at Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area in…

  5. A second shoot with the lovely Nicole

    Date 12 Jun 2016
    We had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Nicole again this past June.  With an indoor studio setup at the Westin Prince Hotel, Nicole got her hair and makeup done by Sara and Johanna - a great dynamic team.   Once we finished in the studio, we returned to Edwards…

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